Charity and Fair Trade Policy

Pachamama Knitwear is a small company importing knitwear and clothing originally from Ecuador and now from Nepal where we have been trading for nearly twenty years. The ethos of our business has always been respect for our suppliers and the environment. Hence our name - Pachamama, meaning Earth Mother in Quechua, the ancient language of the Incas.

All our goods are handmade, utilizing artisan skills, and through fair trade providing much needed employment and income to mainly subsistence farmers, who supplement their income by making our products. We are committed to providing year round orders to our suppliers and to nurture long-term and sustainable relationships with our craftspeople.

The majority of our suppliers in Nepal are home-workers, producing our garments around their commitments to their fields and families. We visit and communicate with our suppliers regularly, and consequently our production is based around the knitters' planting times. If necessary we pay in advance or supply our producers with raw materials, to prevent any of our suppliers incurring any debt and to ensure workers are paid on time. As well as our outworkers approximately 100 people are employed in family-run factory environments, hand finishing, making hand framed knitting, felting and packing our garments. Our workers receive training and benefit from above average conditions and pay, they are treated with respect and men and women are treated equally and paid according to ability. No children are exploited in either country. We also support ideas for improving the lives of our workers and their families - these include education, medical and social welfare projects.

We have always used natural products and have an inherent awareness of the impact our products and production techniques have on the environment. We use recycled cardboard packaging and labelling for all our products. We re-use our packaging to send orders to our customers. Our producers use environmentally friendly sources of power to run some of their operations.

Pachamama Knitwear Fair Trade Summary

  • To promote Fair Trade both with our suppliers and in relations with our customers.
  • Promotion of traditional weaving and knitting techniques.
  • Provision of year round orders to our suppliers.
  • Frequent visits to Nepal to ensure our ethical policies are adhered to.
  • Workers paid above national average, treated equally and with respect, regardless of gender.
  • Developing use of natural materials and dyes to ensure impact on both local and wider environment is kept to a minimum.
  • Use of recycled packaging wherever possible.
  • Development of relations with suppliers in all aspects of our shared business, to ensure positive and sustainable growth together.

Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015

For nearly 20 years Pachamama has been working with artisan producers in Nepal and we are devastated by the tragedy which has occurred there.

In addition to giving direct help through our suppliers, we want to support the relief and recovery effort and so have pledged to donate 10% of all orders and channel the funds though the Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015 set up by Alison Marston.

We hope you will also want to add your contribution.

The Nepal Earthquake Recovery Appeal 2015 fund has been set up to accept donations which will be directed towards small, grassroots NGOs working directly on the ground. Donations are being collected via the charitable trust, The Bulldog Trust.

If you would like to keep up to date with recovery efforts, please follow Alison Marston @QuakeNepal. Alison was born and raised in Kathmandu, Nepal and speaks Nepali as her first language. Alison has extensive, in-depth knowledge of the country and during the 10-year conflict spent two years working in conflict resolution in the field for ICRC (International Committee for the Red Cross) in central Nepal from 2004-2006.

Please contact Head of Grants and Philanthropy, Alison Marston at 020 7240 6044 or email for more details.

Animal Hats and Mitts

Pachamama donates a proportion of the sale value to WWF of all the kids' animal hats and mitts we sell. This helps WWF in their vital work protecting endangered wildlife and environments. Here's a press release from WWF:

Wild and woolly fun winter warmers for kids!

Pachamama and WWF-UK have knitted together the perfect answer to keep kids warm this winter and support the well-known wildlife conservation charity at the same time.

The entire endangered species and farmyard animal ranges of hats and mittens for kids are licensed to WWF-UK to raise funds for the valuable work they do around the world.

Kids will love choosing their favourite animals from an amazing range including panda, zebra, giraffe, lion, tiger in the endangered species selection and horse, cat, donkey and pig to name just a few in the farmyard collection. The fairly traded woollen knitwear is hand made in Nepal so each hat and mitten is totally unique and full of character. Not only will children look totally adorable in them but they'll also help keep the winter chills away with the super-soft fleece lining for extra warmth.

The other great benefit is that Pachamama donates at least 10% of the profit on all sales to Net4Kids, an international charity working in Nepal, whose mission is to give underprivileged children a better future through sustainable help.

It was a spontaneous natural link for WWF-UK with Pachamama. The fact that most children love wild and domestic animals as well as dressing up with the added bonus that something they'll wear will help animals is very cool.

Howard Wright, Head of Licensing, WWF-UK
1986 Panda symbol and WWF registered trademark of WWF - World Wide Fund for Nature (formerly World Wildlife Fund) WWF-UK charity registered in England no 1081247 and in Scotland no SC039593

Pachamama has been proud to support the Nepal Matri Griha School and other projects for disadvantaged children in Kathmandu through Net4kids since 2006.
Charity and Fair Trade Policy
Charity and Fair Trade Policy
Charity and Fair Trade Policy
Charity and Fair Trade Policy